Hear Me Now is a song written by Tyler Joseph for his solo project, No Phun Intended and was written sometime around Joseph's senior year of high school in 2007-08. These songs were available on Joseph's PureVolume account until sometime in 2015.


Oh, yeah, yeah
Oh, yeah, yeah
Oh, yeah, yeah

Words of mine
Words of yours
Confusing rhymes
And confusing wars
Between words of love
And words of hate
Wars of dreams
And wars of vain

Once again I step inside my shoes
A battle now for every single thing I do
And I don't care because I don't have a clue
I see you close all the windows in my room
And tell me how I am comfortable inside this broken tainted skin that I'm in
I can't win
I need you to break me up break me down to the sound
So I can pray that someone hears me now
I just pray that someone hears me now

There was a moment in my life
Where I thought that you were gone
And every moment of my life
Was just us pretending

I go to sleep every night
I should be good at it by now
But very lonely is tonight
And time stands still
So now I try to picture you with all the kingdom I can't find
Fight and grab eternity with this little mind
I think I saw the kingdom get this feeling I must keep
Walking closer crack the door
And then I fall asleep
Because every time I think I see your face
It fades away
And turns to grey
Then I pray you save the day
Anyhow I just pray that someone hears me now

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I just pray that someone hears me now