The Trench Triplet EP was a limited edition 10" Vinyl that was available exclusively from The EP was available for order before and a few days after the release of Trench. The disc itself is bright yellow in color, and is double-sided. The album consists of the first three singles released from Trench. Only 40,000 copies were printed.

Track Listing

Track Title Writer Length Side
A1 Jumpsuit Tyler Joseph 3:59 A-1
A2 Levitate Joseph 2:25 A-2
B1 Nico And The Niners Joseph 3:45 B-1


While a digital version of this album does not technically exist, a collection of singles known as Jumpsuit/Levitate/Nico And The Niners is available on Spotify. This is because Twenty One Pilots did not release each single individually as artists usually do, but created three separate "single collections". The first (Jumpsuit/NATN), being released on July 11, 2018, and the final (EP Singles + My Blood) being released on August 27 of the same year.

This EP and Blurryface Live are the only vinyl releases by the band that play at 45 RPM. All other vinyl releases play at 33 RPM.

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